Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Concert

T had her Spring concert tonight at school. It was very good! She also sang "An Irish Blessing" with a small group of girls and it was beautiful. The rest of the program with the chorus was also very good. The beginning chorus was so much fun to watch. The younger kids are always so funny. One little boy sang as loud as he could and his facial expressions were hilarious!!! I laughed so hard that I had tears streaming down my cheeks. I thought D was going to make me leave the church!! He was laughing too, but not as hard as I because he was trying to take photo's and did not see the one kid throwing kisses to his mom. It was so sweet, and he was also winking at someone, and he even closed his ears and gave the little guy next to him a wink and shove. The look on his face was priceless! I really miss those days when my child was in first grade!! Kids grow up so fast and while I am overjoyed that she can do things on her own now, it is still hard sometimes to see her so independent and strong willed! But, I am so proud of her. She is a good child, and even though her mouth has gotten a little smarter and her eye rolling a little annoying, over all she is a good person and does well in just about every situation she is put into. I have compliments on her behavior from everyone, and stories of things she has done for others, etc., so I guess I have not failed her as a parent, which is a blessing in itself!!
Other than the concert tonight, I made some really great crab cakes for dinner... for the first time all by myself!! My husband loved them, which is unusual for him with my cooking skills!! I also fried some soft shell crabs, and they were to die for!! I am allergic to the soft shells, but once a year, I take my life into my hands for one soft shell crab, and one crab cake!! I always have my epiepen(I can't spell this!!) close by, and I actually take a Benedryl, so as bad as this may sound..I am prepared to die for eating shellfish, etc. My husband kids me about this because I have scared him a few times, once in MD, I drove all the way back to Atlanta in shock, and I made Will Smith look like a joke in Hitch when he ate shell fish. I actually drove myself to the doctor and my throat was already closing up!! He gave me three shots and kept me at his office for four hours to make sure that I would live! But, oh, they were so good!!! I only got a rash this time, so I think the shot and benedryl started working when I took the first bite. I am so much fun with all my allergies..penicillin, Demerol, codeine, shellfish, bees and pollen. That is all I know of and over the years, I have found out the hard way of what to stay away from..bees are the worst for me, so I have to carry my pens in my purse. Maybe I will outgrow some of the allergies one day!! My husband has learned to watch out for me.

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