Thursday, April 10, 2008


The week is ending, and I still have tons of things to do before T goes back to school!! Today I have a handyman here to do some work around the house, and t and I have lots of errands to run. I will miss her next week when she goes back to school. Sure, it will be quieter, but I won't have anyone to eat lunch with, or have coffee with..but, it is only a month and she will be out for the summer!! I am sure that I will be ready for school to start again after a few months. She is growing up so fast. I looked at her today and could hardly believe the young woman that she is becoming..mood swings, back talking and all. It is so amazing how fast kids grow up, so I plan to enjoy being her mom, and hopefully, I can have a lot of good memories of her childhood!! I am very proud of my child, but there are days when she tries my last nerve, and then there are times when things when she broke her tooth today, that I realize how young and innocent she really is, and that she still needs me. It is a nice feeling, although, those dentist bills are getting really high! She is always breaking her tooth because she eats hard candy when she has bonding from a fall at school that knocked out her two Permanent teeth when she was in the 3rd grade!! The dentist refuses to crown her front teeth because of her age, and also because she still has baby teeth all around the front teeth that needs to fall out first! So, as long as they make sugar daddies and ice breakers, I guess I will continue to be a regular at the dentist office! My daughter is so headstrong. I tell her things to prevent accidents like that, but she always has to try it out to see if I am telling her the right thing, or just being overprotective~~ this is not good!! Oh well, I guess I could let her walk around looking like a vampiress for a few days...that might teach her a lesson!!! Oh well, I must get started on my errands..have a good day!!

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Christine said...

Yikes! Reading your post makes me realize how quickly my babies will grow up. It feels like yesterday that Joe and I were in highschool and Taylor had just been born. Yikes again! It makes the sleepless nights a little more bearable. ;)