Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crazy Thursday!!

Today has been stressful. The phone has been ringing off the hook, T broke her tooth, I have to get the taxes done today, and a delivery man is an hour late!!! The birds are screaming and Bear is howling at the jets flying over my house!! I need peace and quiet to concentrate on what I need to do..which are vouchers for the past year that I have put off due to lack of time!! I think I will get in the bathtub and lock the door!!!! Ha, at least I can dream of doing that, right???!!! I have been on a diet this week, so that is maybe the contributing factor to my irritablility!! Maybe I should just get a box of chocolates so I don't chew some one's head off!!! I wish, but I am determined to get this weight off before the summer!! The other thing I am irritable about is that my husband always puts off things until the last minute(taxes), so I am always scurrying around to get things done before the deadlines!! I don't even have to file, so why am I doing this?? I expressed that to him, and got silence, so he may be warned of my is not PMS this time!! HA!!! He knows that I will take care of things for him, and that is the problem. Oh well, I feel better now that I have vented, so I will move on!!! i am sure that most women can relate to this story, right??
So, I called today and got a consultation for my tooth extraction. It is insane that you have to make two trips to get a tooth pulled..and not to mention pay for both trips!! What a disaster!! That will be three trips to the dentist when it should be only one appointment! I am looking forward to getting the tooth out,so that I don't have to cringe every time I drink something cold or hot!! That is worth the trips in the long run!
Until tomorrow, Happy Thursday!!!

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