Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our trip to the dentist!

We went for our check ups today at the dentist. T had to get a filling in a baby tooth, and I ended up getting a referral to an oral surgeon to have a tooth removed. Normally, the dentist would have done the extraction in his office, but the tooth's roots were so impacted, he was afraid to try it! I have had TMJ for months, and even though the tooth was in good shape, the roots were on the nerves in my jaw! I am going to call tomorrow and see if I can get it removed soon. The dentist was amazed that I had not experienced more pain??? I only felt pain once in the last month, so I wasn't sure if it was the tooth, or some other issue from my TBI. Since my accident almost 8 years ago, I have had strange nerve tinglings, so I don't really feel pain like most people would..why I think that is a good thing, my dentist was a little concerned. He tried to give me pain meds and was a little freaked out when I refused the meds. I tried to explain to him that I have weird things going on with my face nerves...he told me he had not seen anyone with a tooth that badly impacted that wasn't climbing the walls in pain! So, I guess he thought I was a freak!! Too funny! I think they should write a book for dentists, doctors, etc. to explain TBI so that people would not have to go into so much detail about the effects that the injury has on people!! Oh well, I can't wait to see what the oral surgeon does when he sees the impacted tooth!! I will once again have to go into the spill!! I am thankful that Congress is finally getting informed about TBI and how it's effects are never ending! It is such a mysterious thing, and most doctors are baffled, and as a patient with TBI, most people just suffer because it gets too complicated to keep enduring their stupid remarks and their misdiagnosis. I was one of the lucky ones that had a doctor that was trained to look for symptoms, etc. I was sent to a very good brain injury clinic, so I learned to live with my injury. I was also lucky that I got help. But even then, it is life altering because you are a different just look the same. Your old personality is a thing of the think differently, react differently, and also have to retrain your mind, somewhat like a child learning to read, etc. You are never the same. I feel for the soldiers that experience this injury and also is somewhat the same, and as I was misdiagnosed with PTSD also..I still have to carry books of medical records with test results to doctor's appointments so that they can see what my results are without having to do an MRI and those stupid personality wonder people just give up and don't get treatment!! I am glad that maybe the bill will pass so that they can get the help they need, and everyone else. It is so hard on the family, not to mention what it does to a person's confidence and self esteem when they are misdiagnosed!! They sometimes never get it, and this leads to all kinds of problems, suicide, alcoholism, etc. I just pray that someone comes to the cause and makes a difference!! I could write a book!!
Other than that, the pollen count is so high here!! It is so beautiful outside, but when you stay out for a few minutes, you can't breathe!! At least we washed off the deck, so it has been somewhat bearable today!! I still don't have my flowers in the ground!! Hopefully, I can on Friday!! Even Bear is sneezing!! At least I have had a little time to spend with T this week. I have enjoyed having her at home!!

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