Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday's News

Today was a beautiful day! The pollen is terrible here and bees are buzzing everywhere. T and I went for a walk thru the neighborhood and also walked the golf course. It was a beautiful walk as everything is in bloom, and the azalea's and tulips surrounded the course. It has been awhile since I have walked two miles, but amazingly, I made it just fine. I used the blower on the deck to get rid of the pollen, but it didn't help much, so I took Bear in, of course, I used the blower on him before I took him in the garage!! Surprisingly, he loved the direct air after the initial scare of the noise! T and I also went to the Y today and got some info about their summer programs for her. She wants to do softball and most of the local leagues are full, so I thought I would check it out. We also found a skateboard park there. I think she will enjoy it alot, and maybe I can take in a few classes of water aerobics. My doctor has been telling me to sign up for years, so I think he will be pleased! I don't know that I will enjoy it that much, but if it will help the pain in my leg, I will try it. I am not one for pain pills, so I am up for anything that will be of a natural effect.
Tomorrow, we both have dentist appointments..yuck! The week is going by so quickly. We have not had our Spring shopping spree yet, but hopefully, we will find a way to get some time closer to the weekend!!

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