Sunday, April 6, 2008


The rain has finally stopped, but it is still overcast today. We are going out to the store to get some things to help with a moisture problem we are having in the basement. We have found that drain from the gutters is pouring rain into our basement, so we are off to find a black tube to settle the issue once and for all!! Other than that, I hope to get some flowers today while the ground is wet so that I won't have to dig so much!! Hopefully, I will get to some gardening today, but I won't hold my breath!
T informed me last night that she wants an electric scooter for her birthday! What ever happened to the bike that most kids want??? I guess we are in an age of laziness!! HA!! Or maybe I am just jealous that I actually had to pedal instead of cruising on my bike...ha!! Oh well, I am in need of a sale on scooters, so it is off to the Internet I go to do some comparison shopping. I still have a few months, so if I start now, maybe I can find a deal!! Have a great day!

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