Monday, March 31, 2008

What to do with my dog Bear??

This weekend we visited a pet store to get fish food and T fell in love with a Maltese dog. She went as far as to say that it was time to find a new home for Bear. I was in shock, but realized that she was maybe only looking out for me..Bear is so big, and I am having a hard time managing him on a lease. I am so sure that he is miserable in our new home. He has no place to run, and Labs need that. I do walk him, but he has gotten too big for me to control. He is like my child, so the thought of trading him in has been so distressing for me. I have to give him to someone that I can trust, and someone who I know will be good for Michael Vick, etc., so I guess I am on the hunt for a new owner for him. I am going to call my mom and brother. Both live out in the country, and have room for him to roam. And, at least I will be able to see him!! and if that doesn't work out, then I am going to protest to keep him. He is so lovable and kind and has been a good friend to me. I am surprised that T has been so agreeable to finding him a new home!! D will be overjoyed, or at least he pretends to despise the dog, but he does like him, just not the damage that he has caused to our porch, etc. When it is bad weather, Bear gets very scared and he will take out whatever is between him and our family, the wooden door, the deck, etc. I have taken up for Bear and fought hard to keep him here with me, but since he broke my finger, it is getting impossible to fight the battle. I am afraid that he will pull T down and hurt her, etc. So, if anyone has ever had to do something so drastic with their beloved pet, please respond and let me know what to do??? And, if any of you out there are looking for a lovable lab/shep mix, please let me know!!

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