Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday's Post

It was another beautiful day, and then came the rain!!! Oh well, at least it is helping with the pollen!!! T has a friend over tonight for a sleep over, so we are going out for dinner. I finally got the garage cleaned out yesterday, with a little help from a hired worker! It looks great, and Bear is loving it, although, it won't be long before D starts complaining about the dog being in his area!!! I did not find my camera! I guess I hid it from myself, oh well, I guess I will find it oneday, unless I threw it out! That will be my luck!!
The Presidental election is getting interesting!! It looks like the Republicans will prevail again!!! I can only hope so!! Let's just hope that McCain picks someone good as a running mate so we can hang onto the election!! The democrats are digging themselves deeper with all the scandals, which can only help in the election!! McCain is a little liberal for my tastes, but I will vote for him to get the other two out of there!!
Oh well, until tomorrow!!! Have a great weekend!!!

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