Wednesday, April 2, 2008

7th Heaven

I just finished reading James Patterson's 7th Heaven, and as usual, it was an exciting ending. I find it hard to put his books down once I begin reading the first chapter, I am hooked until the end!! I am caught up on his books now, so I guess I will have to wait a few weeks for the next book to come out!! He has actually made a tv series of the Women's Murder club books, and even though I have taped most of them, I have yet to watch them! Since most of the programs are on tv on Friday nights, it is not easy to sit down and watch with the family. And as usual, T has taped so many Hannah Montana shows, that most of my "quiet time" shows have been removed from the cable recorder!!! I tried to watch another show that I enjoy last night, and once I got interested in the show, it was interrupted because another recording of Hannah had canceled it out!!! I was livid!! So today, I have decided to block Hannah Montana on the cable box!! I think it is time that someone else gets to see something in this house!! The other show is on channel 52 at 9 during the week. It is about a lady in Florida that does autopsies on people that die from strange and unknown causes. It is really good. Last week, a young women died from chicken pox..unknown to them. She began breaking out in a rash after a guy kissed her and cut her lip..weird. I enjoy forensics, so this is a great show. It is not gory, and does not show all the gross dissecting of a human being, so it is safe to watch for all of you with weak stomachs! Anyways, it should be an entertaining afternoon when T finds her idol erased!! I think it is pay back for her since she once used the parental code to lock me from the show that I most enjoy for two days. I had to call the cable company to get the code to release the channel. I think I will go ahead and set the code before she gets to it...MEAN MOMMY!!! A life without Hannah Montana on the tube...I can't wait!!!!!

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