Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday News!

Today is a rainy day, overcast, and miserable!! We are staying at home today to wait on the Terminex guy to do our treatment on our house. After cleaning the garage last weekend and finally getting it in order, we had to move everything to the middle of the floor!! So much for organization, huh? D is coming home early to move the rest, so I guess I will let him put it all back!! At least the heavy stuff!! We have a moisture problem, so I guess we will be trying to find a solution over the the termites will stay away!!
I am sitting here listening to T play her flute!! I am not used to noise this early in the am, so I am trying to tune it out! HA!! She does a good job, but I like the saxophone better.(she also plays the alto sax) It is going to be a long day!! We might have to do a little retail therapy before the day is done!! T needs new clothes for the Spring! She has outgrown all of her clothes from last year. They are all to short!!
Well, have a great weekend!!

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