Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day!!

Happy April Fool's Day!! Sorry, I am fresh out of jokes today!!! It is my friend Susan's birthday...what a day to be born on, huh?? Not to mention, she got married on Halloween, and had her son on Father's Day!! Unreal! Can you imagine the anniversary gifts??HA!!!! I did try to call her this am, but as usual, I got her machine, so I left a message..I told her I was calling to wish her a happy birthday and tell her that I was pregnant...that should have my phone ringing in a few minutes!!! HA!! I would try that on my husband, but he has a bad heart, so I would not want that to be the cause of his death!! Not to mention, he would probably wonder who the father was...ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I swear, I would have to have a hard drive to get his attention these days!!!
Other news, T has cooled her jets about the new dog becasue today is Bear's birthday! She got him up this morning and gave him a pastry. She also let him ride in back of the van on her trip to school. Of course, now he thinks he is king of the castle and thinks he can roam the house with all his toys!! Not a bad idea since we are expecting thunderstorms today!! At least he will be well behaved since I am close to him..he won't chew the wood door or scratch up the back door if he is inside and can see me!! Besides, he just likes to sleep in the den, and he is 6 today..that is, in human years!!! I think that is fine since he was almost given away to the highest bidder yesterday by T so that she could get a little rat dog!!
I can't believe that the school year is almost over!! A month away, and summer vacation begins!!!

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