Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday's News...

Today was a snow day! Not much accumulation, but the wind is blowing and it is cold! It was in the 60's yesterday, and then snow and in the 30's today!! Yuck! I am so ready for Spring!!!!
We have been trying to do a few things around the house today, but the main thing that I needed to do, the garage, well, it will have to be put on the back burner again! I just don't have the energy today!! I did finish the laundry and get to a few chores done, so at least I was productive in some aspect today!!! Other than that, I have to go out to run a few errands and hopefully, we will do dinner out again tonight! I cook all week, so I really look forward to the weekends for dinner out!
There were two really horrible stories on the news today about two college students in different areas, but both from GA. They were robbed and murdered this week on the same day, but in different states. This made me sick to see!! These were two beautiful young women that were trying to make a difference in the world, and someone killed them for no reason. What a senseless crime!!! My heart goes out to their families, as I have a daughter, and I can not imagine their pain!!
On a positive note, I am feeling much better today, although sleepy because I stayed up too late last night! We went out for dinner and when we came home, my T and I looked at a new tea magazine that my aunt sent me for my birthday. I love teapots, so my daughter and I found some really neat things and ideas for her tea party that she is planning for the summer with her friends, and Cameron(her doll). After seeing all the prices for the beautiful tea sets, I quickly steered her to Ebay where we found some beautiful tea sets for 9.99 to 23.99, complete sets with the dishes, pots, etc. Thank God for Ebay!! The online sets were over 200.00, and that was without all the accessories. How scary? I am slowly approaching "jewisism"!!! My husband would be so proud!!!! I love Ebay, especially all the deals on purses..Donney and Bourke, Coach, etc., and to think I have been saving for years to buy a real purse because I refuse to pay those prices for one purse, and I have found some amazing deals on Ebay! For mother's who need a price break on dolls, etc., this is the place to go. I have gotten some amazing books for T and my mom also. I find myself going there when T needs something for school, and new toys. Kids grow up so fast and most of the time, they outgrow things really fast, and most of the junk ends up in the donation pile, etc. Ebay is a great idea, too bad I did not think of that..Until tomorrow, have a great weekend!!

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