Thursday, March 6, 2008

A child gets revenge!!

This morning I had a funny experience with T. As a mother, I have become somewhat hardened to the "I don't feel like getting up..I am sick and I am not going to school" phrase. She has pulled that number on me more than once and I have responded with a thermometer and a "you have no fever, get up and move before we are late" attitude. Well today, she got her revenge. I was sick and dizzy when I woke up and I yelled into her to get dressed. I fell asleep and was awakened to these words coming at me from T's mouth...(not to mention a thermometer in my face)..she yelled at me "you have no fever, get up and move before we are late, you are not sick." What a compassionate child... and they wonder why mothers eat their young!!!! I was about to scream when I realized that she was only repeating what she had heard me say, and that if I wanted to have any future credibility, I had better get up and get her to school on time!!! Life used to be so grand! but that was before I had a little "Minnie me" in my house to remind me of how simple life was before she was able to talk or to comprehend what I was saying to her!! She was truly the devil child today!!

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Christine said...

Yikes, I can see what I have to look forward to! Clare is already repeating us - a little parrot. Goodness gracious.

Hope you feel better soon.