Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beans and things!

This is a picture of my Uncle Wayne (and me)...he is actually D's uncle, but still he is my uncle by marriage. I just wanted to thank him today for the beans that he sent me! Funny as that may sound, I love Luck's peas, and when I could not find the ones I like in the south, Uncle Wayne took the time to go to his grocery store, buy me 9 cans of my favorite beans, and mail them to me! How thoughtful is that?!! Not only is this man thoughtful, but he also takes the time to do special things for my daughter,D and me. This year T's cross country team was in need of a banner. He does signs, so he made the banner for her school..and of course, he did not charge a cent for it. He also never forgets a birthday, or any occasion for that matter where my daughter is concerned. He comes south to visit us each year and always calls us at least once or twice a month. He is also my daughter's grandfather's twin!! He is so special to us, and I wanted to thank him for everything and for being so thoughtful!!
T is feeling a little better today and working on the mound of homework that she has missed in just two days! I hope that she feels like going to school tomorrow! I don't want her to get behind since the end of the semester is next week!!! Other than that, it has been stormy here today, and tornado warnings are out until 9pm tonight..hopefully, we will only get rain!! So far, we have had a lot of rain in a few hours! Maybe the drought will be over soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Wayne, Nice to see U.

How R U These days. U Look great with the Glass in Hand.

So do U Dana, Mom's very Happy after seeing U.