Friday, March 7, 2008

Housework and Rain

Today I decided to do some housework. I started the laundry and did a few other things so that I could have a little relaxation over the weekend. It is raining here today, so it was a good day to concentrate on some other things, other than the nice weather. It looks as if the weekend is going to be wet and cold too, so I guess that will keep us indoors, except for errands, etc. T has a book report due next week, so I guess we can finish that. She always puts it off until the last minute, so maybe this time we can get it done by the due date and have a little time left to relax!! Other than that, the garage is still a mess since we moved, so maybe I can get it cleaned over the relaxation in sight!! Maybe I shouldn't think about what needs to be done, huh? Otherwise, a pretty uneventful day!!

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