Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hump Day!

T is still at home today and it looks as if the fever is not going away as fast as we expected, but maybe tommorrow? She is feeling better otherwise, and she has been keeping up with her studies online, so maybe she won't get behind, except for tests, etc. I was up most of the night with the toothache, which I think is my seems when I take allegra, the pain goes away..weird.. Other than that, life is good and normal.
It is cold here today and windy, only 37, a shock from the 70's and 60's we have had in the last few days! We are going to get the lawn treated as the crabgrass is abundant already! I am debating on flowers for the front and think that I will plant lantana, as it grows well and looks great as a fill in. I also plan to put lillies in the back and hopefully, manage to do some pots, etc. to fill in the gaps. I have decided to do window boxes on my porches, and two boxes on my dormer windows. I just have to decide how to get the boxes on my dormers, but maybe I can handle it! I think that should be enough until the grass gets all of it's treatment. I hate it when everything looks so blah!
I also found a really cute blog yesterday of a 16 year old girl that does cake decorating and she had the most amazing cookies that she had decorated. I am looking for her site again..since my computer got knocked off due to the weather!! I will let you know when I find it. She is very creative and talented.

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Chris said...

Thank you for dommenting on my blog. Knitting is really easy and fun. I had a hard time learning but have been doing it now for 32 years and love it.