Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday , Dane!

Tomorrow is my husband's 48th birthday and T and I are going to make his favorite cake today..carrot cake. Don't worry, I am going to buy a cake mix because I am no good at baking!! Besides, it is the thought that counts, right??? Let's hope so!!! Other than that, I have been so busy this week with contractors working on the house, yard work, etc, that I have had to neglect my blog, but maybe I will be back to normal next week! It is the weekend, so I am glad to be able to get some r&r for a few days anyway. I am hoping the rain will hold off so that we can enjoy being outside for a few days.
Oh well, Happy Birthday hon..I am off to get your tags renewed!! I love you!!


Chris said...

Happy Birthday to Dane

Dana said...

Thanks, Chris. Just to let you know how much you inspire me to knit..I signed up for a knitting class this summer. I am not very coordinated, but maybe I can learn how to do something simple!! HA!!