Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Beautiful Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is another gift from God...beautiful. Everything is in bloom, and even though the sneezes are abundant, I am not complaining because it is just nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the garden and fresh air!!! Bear is in heaven, as he has been sleeping most of the morning on his outside bed. I bought him some fried chicken from Kroger for a treat, and he didn't even wake up to eat it!! I went over and poked him to make sure he was still breathing!! HA!! Luckily for me, he was, and I hand carried his chicken to him. He ate the whole breast in two bites and then proceeded to put the bone in the lining of his bed! As usual!! He hides the bones in case another dog comes into the yard, or he wants another taste later, or until he has the energy to dig a hole to China to bury the bone!! Because of this, I have spent most of the year buying bed after bed! The other night, D gave him a steak bone, and he destroyed the bed on the deck, and sure enough, the bone was under all the fluff when I started to throw it in the garbage! I yelled at Dane, but I am just as guilty!! Thank goodness, Walgreen's sells cheap dog beds for $10!! I think it is hilarious, although I scold him and make him sleep on the garage floor for a day without his bed~ I am a mean mommy!!!!!!! At least, that is what T tells me! Anyway, he is beginning to get used to the house, I think. That is a relief as I have been afraid he would eat up the neighborhood kids! Over the weekend, they were all in my yard, and he did not even bark at them! Maybe I can keep him after all. D has stopped threatening me with giving Bear away because the last time he ranted, I made it clear to him that he would go before my dog!! Not that he believes me, but it is a good comeback!! HA!! One night a few years ago, D was ranting because bear scratched the wood door, and T was in tears. D asked T point blank if she wanted her dad or her dog. T's response was.. "Dad, I have to think about that!!" HA!!!! I had to leave the room on that one to hid my laughter!!! If that didn't put him in his place, then I don't know what will, huh?
Anyway, the school year is rapidly coming to a close and it is getting harder for T to concentrate on anything other than the outdoors. I am having a really hard time getting her to study, and an even harder time getting her up and ready for school. I am getting excited about the summer and all the things we can do now that we don't have to house hunt this summer!! I am looking forward to seeing family members and doing some mini vacations! Until tomorrow..enjoy the beautiful weather!!!


Chris said...

And the weather is beautiful--and it is about time. When my step daughter got a dog for her daughter--who was 5 then and is out of college now. She liked to run away from you a lot. Her husband looked at her one day and said "It;s me or the dog." She said "bye." Needless to say they kept the dog and they are still married. The dog, sadly, died of old age this year. Love your blog.

dana said...

Thanks, Chris! It sounds like your daughter's husband got a lesson too! HA!! Some men never learn!!