Tuesday, April 15, 2008

T's Dream Car

Tonight I was looking thru some files and found this drawing that T did yesterday!! She is obsessed with VW bugs, lime green with black interior to be exact!! I told her that I did not think this car was a good choice because of it's size, and I also thought that it would not be a safe choice for her when she is older. Her answer to that was that she was already saving her money to buy the car..and that she only has 5 more years to go!! I am praying that the driver's license requirements change the legal age for driving to 21!!! Or with her lead foot, maybe 40??? I was thinking that I would have a few more years of control, but I guess I was wrong!!! I told her if she gets a car, she will have to get a job and buy it!! So, her comment to me was that she would put me in the nursing home and take my cash..to my horror, I think she was serious!! HA!!! Not that I have any cash, but still a very mean comment!! So, I decided to show her that I still have control over her life for a little longer and I told her she would never get an allowance from me again..that she would have to go to her dad now!! I wonder if she will put him in the nursing home too?? Just as I thought I had gotten one over on her, the phone rang and her nanny (my mom) called to ask about her grades so she could put some money into her savings account for the A's?? So, I guess she wins again!!! Oh, that mouth!! Nobody ever warned me about pre teen girls!! Did my mom have to deal with that too??? I don't think I was that evil!!

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Ganesh Iyer said...

T Darling very Very Bad. Now way that U should put your Mom in the Nursing Home. She loves U so much she will give her Cash to U anyways.

Moms are very important & loving. They live for Children U have a very Loving Mom & Dad. I know that what U said must have been a Joke. So it's cool. Being a Child U get all the liberties of saying things & gettin away with it. U R Sweet & U will buy that DREAM CAR.

My Mom also says the same, he might kill someone with the Car. Thats because She has seen the Madness & Arrogance & the Blood Battle in me while playing the Racin Games. So she knows this guy will enact all this. Well I guess Mom's do bug children at times but after all the Complaints & nac nac's they are the most Important people in our Lives.

Hip Hip Hurray for Mom's

HiP HiP Hurray for T's BUG.

Hip Hip Hurray for Year 21 License.