Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The tooth issue!!

I took T back to the dentist yesterday and once again had her tooth bonded!! I hope this will last until summer!! I am going to take her back and see if the dentist can crown the front teeth. She is not interested in getting it done, but I am so tired of having to take her to the dentist every couple of months for a bond!! She managed to spend her cat sitting money on new Hannah Montana earrings, and a new perfume!! The earrings are huge hoops and not something that I approve of(maybe that is why she put them on after she got in the back of the van before school today?? Does she think I am blind???), but I am sure that she will lose them by the weekend, or the teacher will expel her for wearing them, so I will bite my tongue for now!! The perfume is not so bad..I only sneezed about four times on the way to school. And the guy at the dry cleaner's probably thought I was in a whore house before I came to get my husband's shirts..oh well, at least the van doesn't smell like dog anymore!! That is a positive thing!!!

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