Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday's thoughts

Today is overcast and yucky! Thank goodness, we only got the wind from the "Fay" storm, but today is overcast and tornado warnings are out. We had a few spinkles, but no heavy downpours, which I would have welcomed!! Our grass is brown and dead out front, and we could really use a good soaking rain!!
I have been helping T with her book reports that are due tomorrow. Of course, she put them off till the last minute, and no matter how much I preach to her that procrastination is so wrong, I am slowly learning that she doesn't hear a word I say!! I might as well save my breath!! At least she is creative enough to do the reports without my help, but I don't want her to take the lazy way out. She chose two books, one about a horse named "Whiskey" and "Annie Oakley". Wow, a horse and a sharpshooter..out of all the books in the library, these are the two that she found interesting. Well, as long as she enjoys reading, I guess I should not be too worried. I don't have an guns in the house, and the horses are not allowed on the golf course. She has somehow managed to talk my older brother into giving her a horse, but at least it is a few hours away, so I don't have to worry about those injuries for now! So far, she has also taken to James Patterson books about flying people and Harry Potter. I also love those books, so I am glad that I can share them with her. I read the new Patterson book called "Daniel X" last Sunday, and I must say that I found it a little strange, but good reading.
Well, the rain has started finally. Bear has at least been enjoying the cool breezes on the front porch. He is so funny as he has learned to stand on his hind legs and look over the hedges to bark at the mailman. He also howls at the planes and sirens from the firetruck...too funny.
Well, hope you all had a great weekend.

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