Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Poem

Today I was reading this poem that T had written for class.
It was in her book bag and I thought it was very good, so I wanted to share:

I am a loving girl that loves puppies.
I wonder if I will live to be 100.
I hear the leaves rustling.
I see an old oak tree from many years ago.
I want to feel what I felt when I was 6.
I am a loving girl that loves puppies.

I pretend I am a bird soaring in the sky.
I feel the wind hurrying past me.
I touch the old oak tree.
I worry that I may never come back to touch the tree again.
I cry when the tree limbs sag.
I am a loving girl that loves puppies.

I understand that the tree is old.
I say that I am sad that I must leave.
I dream of the day I will see the old oak again.
I try to stay positive.
I hope that some day my dreams will become a reality.
I am a loving girl that loves puppies.

Written by: Taylor Dane Piatt


April said...

Hey! That's pretty darn good!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Taylor,

Hi! Taylor this is Mrs. Lakshmi Iyer, how are you my dear, we keep hearing all lot about you & your everyday happenings it's as if we are watching the The Taylor Daily Show.

I read your Poem & I really really loved it. It is Wonderful Excellent Beautiful & very much Meaningful.

You are Talented little child & you are your way for that Big Ride in the Clouds of Success.

I wish & pray that all your Wishes & Dreams will come true my Dear Little cute Child.

Yours Dearest,
Lakshmi Iyer