Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hump Day

Today I have been busy around the house doing things that I have neglected over the last couple of months. I am going to have to get some file cabinets to get organized, so that I can be ready the next time I need to provide receipts, etc. I have so many boxes of papers, etc. in a closet upstairs that need to be organized, and as usual, I have put them out of sight and out of mind. This is not like me, but I have had other issues to deal with and have not had the time! Other than that, it is beginning to rain a little. The weather is supposed to turn bad tonight according to the news anchors, so we may be in for some more storms, tornadoes, etc. I certainly hope not! My mom and grandmother just got their power back from the weekend storms, and I hope that this one will not go down that far!
T went on a field trip yesterday, so this morning we were almost late for school. She was in no mood to get up and get going today! I did manage to get her to school on time after a round of fights about her getting up, etc. School is almost over for this year, so she is experiencing Spring fever, I guess. I hope that we can do some fun things this summer, and I hope the gas prices go down a bit, but that seems to be wishful thinking!! I paid 3.85 yesterday for regular unleaded!! What a rip off!! I have learned to do all of my running around on one day, so that I don't have to fill up as much. None of the candidates seem to address the problems in a way that will be beneficial to any of us..empty promises!! I think I will pass on voting this year, unless someone comes on board to get the job far, they have not in my opinion!! Until tomorrow! Have a good day!!

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Ganesh Iyer said...

Haa! isn't that cool. A Fight 2 get up 2 to go 2 school. When I was of her age, Mom used 2 happily wrap me in another sheet & used to allow me 2 go to sleep.

At times when the Holidays were more than the Days in a year, then used to wake me up with water splashes. And I used to be all like T in the morning, all yaks yaks & back words etc. But ultimately at the end of the year I was the Winner with maximum number of Holidays.

I guess the little Devil, she's going thru the same phase.

I am glad Power came back on at your Mom's place. Hows Grandma & Mom give our regards 2 them. U all Stay indoors in that weather which is predicted, don;t go trick or treatin Haaaaaaaa!

Even there it is the same situation, I thought that only the politics & candidates here in India are going to the dogs by not fullfilling their Promises.

But I guess Politicians will always be Politicians in any part of the world. It's just great, they can promise so much to everyone & can just get away with it.

It's the same here for a Litre of Petrol U have to pay 1.35 $ or more. I guess Aviation fuel will be cheaper one day.

Wow there is a Boom in the Inflation & Economy here in India, hope it will come down. And what's worse the Media is now involved in everything, they need to be just need to be in every field. Causing a panic. Whoaaaaaaaa.

There was a series of Bomb Blasts in the nearby State of Rajasthan, in the City of Jaipur, wonder where the world is headed in Combat of Terrorrism.

All we can do is Pray for all the things that happen around us be Good & Good for all.