Tuesday, May 20, 2008


On last Thursday, D bought home a bronchitus bug..so we have all been sick in our household. D and I went to the doctor yesterday, and today, T missed school because she woke up with a fever and cough. D and I had a severe case of bronchitus mixed in with a vicious sinus infection that caused us to experience dizziness and breathing problems. T has an ear infection and also has sinus drainge too. I felt really bad for her today as she missed her band recital tonight. She doesn't have a fever tonight, so I think the antibiotics are working well, and she says she is going to school tomorrow. The doctor said she could go if she felt like it. She only has a week remaining, so I want her to go. As for D, he is better today. I am not good as I have developed a severe case of sneezing with a really stuffy nose and itchy eyes! I have antibiotics, nose spray, and allegra..none of which has helped much!! I hope that I will feel better tomorrow. I hate colds!!
Other than that, not much news to report this week so far. T has a play next Tuesday and she is playing a "Eunice' role, so I can't wait to see it at her school. It is supposed to be a comedy written by the kids, so it should be good for a few laughs.
We had tornado watches tonight, and we were lucky we missed the bad weather again!! It did topple trees close to here, and hailed, but we only got about a 20 minute sprinkle and a little wind! So, I was a little disappointed because the water ban is still here and we need some rain because we have watering restrictions and the grass is so dry, so are the new plants. I have been hand watering, but I need to put the sprinklers on for a day or so!!
I also finished a new James Patterson book..Sunday's at Tiffany's today. It was a fast read, and a very good read. The book was so unlike his other books. This one was a love story and it was wonderful. The man is a genius!! For all of you who read his books, this one is a must. Until another day when I feel better!!!


Ganesh Iyer said...

Oh Man thats serious, I really feel from my Heart for all of U, U poor guys. Bronchitis, Fever, Cold, Cough there is no end to all this in any part of the world.

We will pray for your Speeeeeedy NFS recovery here. It's been bad here too, lot & lots of heat. More like Miami, coastal & Humid. We go out we sweat to wet. I wonder how I M still walking should have been dehydrated by now... Haa!!!

Well I guess this is all thanx 2 the Media scare of the Global Warming.

Take Care & Hang in there... Tay is doin Good with her Recovery she's strong & so R U Guys.


Chris said...

Hope you all feel better soon. And I love james Patterson's books