Monday, May 12, 2008

Windy Monday!

The weekend went well for Mother's day. On Friday, I attended a Mother's Day luncheon at T's school, and her class recited a poem. The food was good and we were entertained. It was very nice. T and I then went down to see mom and grandmother. We really enjoyed spending time with them, and even got to celebrate Aunt Linda's birthday with her. On Sunday, D and T took me out for dinner. So, the weekend was nice. I am a lucky mom to have such a sweet daughter.
Tornadoes struck Ga again, this time near my mom's home. Thank God, they were spared, however, some people were not so lucky! We made it home just in time, and now mom and grandmother are without power. Thank goodness, there is a generator for my grandmother's oxygen!! We have had wind gust of 40mph, so a few trees in our neighborhood have fallen. I guess after the drought, there has been some trees that have dead roots, etc. We have been lucky so far!
Today is going to be filled with chores and errands. Have a good day!!


Chris said...

So glad you had a nice Mother's Day. I hate windy weather. We have had 2 trees so far blow into our lake this year. One of them was in the winter--one was a week or two ago. I hope your mom and gramma get power soon

Ganesh Iyer said...

Isn't that nice of D to take U all out for Dinner. Spending Quality time with your Family is so important.

We are Happy 4 U Guys. Yeah T is a fast learner, Mom aways says no matter what all things T does she's Cute & Smart & can never be wrong.

I wish I get some of that leniance from Mom, but we both always end up in a showdown like yesterday. Haaa! guess I will never improve.

Well Happy Mothers Day 2 U 2. We will pray for Grand Ma here. Give our Regards to Mom & Grandma. Please ask them to be near & near the House area as there is a Tornado boom there.

Else all is fine here please Take Care & give our regards 2 all.