Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Talent Show

Last night was my daughter's school talent show. It was amazing. My daughter sang last and did a wonderful job singing. I was so proud of her, as she has real talent and never ceases to amaze me. She chose a song by Faith Hill called "There You'll Be", and it was quiet fitting to the occasion, as the program was dedicated to a teacher who had lost his battle with cancer. There were not many dry eyes in the place, and I for one, was in shock that she pulled the song off with only two hours of practice. This was because of a last minute change of song because the song she wanted was not available on karaoke CD. I held my breath and was so proud when she hit every note with ease, and when the music accidentally got stopped before the end, she just kept singing...UNREAL!! This was my husband's second time seeing her on the stage, and I think I saw tears in his eyes! I hope to post the video soon, but I have to wait as my camera was lost in the last move, so I am waiting on the neighbor's to supply me with the goods. I was also very proud of Peyton, our neighbor, as she sang really good, and since it was her first time in front of a crowd, I thought she did very well!!
Only two days left to the end of the school year!! I am looking forward to sleeping in and vacation!! I know the summer will go by quickly! I find it hard to believe that my daughter will be in 8th grade next year!! The years really fly by, and I realize how lucky I have been to be able to share in her childhood. We have many good memories, and luckily for me, she has been able to do many things as an only child, so she is well-rounded.
Other than that, the sun is shining here and the weather is cool. A nice break from this time of year in Georgia!! We have had so much rain this year, and it is supposed to be raining tonight and the weekend. My flowers look great, so that is a plus for now. No more drought either, so maybe this year, we can use the boat to enjoy the summer.

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Chris said...

I can't wait to see the video!!