Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Camp decisons

My daughter has asked to go to camp this summer. It is only a week, but I am seriously considering it, as I feel she is old enough to have some fun with different people that are not normally in her comfort zone. The camp is my old church camp, and while I am sure it has changed in the 34 years since my last visit, I am hoping that it brings to her the joy and warmth that I felt there.
I was never a "shy" kid, and I made so many friends, enjoyed the crafts, and the fellowship of the crowd. I understand that the facilities have become extremely modern and I wish that it could be the same "camp" that I experienced. We had no a/c, only big window fans, and it was HOT!! We had "field' baseball and kickball, and made crafts..flowerpots that were painted for our parents, and hand prints that I still have today. We had chapel and special speakers and singers. It was so much fun. There were competitions, and late night "raids" of the other dorms, but it was all in fun.
I have often told my daughter of all the fun at summer camp, and I hope that she will have a great experience and enjoy the innocence of the week of freedom from her parents like I did way back then in the late 70's. I guess I am the one that will need therapy!! I have never been away from my child for more than one night since she was born, so I guess that is the real hesitation here. The real fear is that she will get older and find that there is a life outside her home!! She is growing up..way too fast!! As she nears her 13th birthday, it is becoming really clear that she is now officially a "young woman". I am left asking..where did the time go???

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