Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New haircuts!

We were busy today! T and I got up early this am and went shopping. At around 10 am, we decided to get our hair cut. My hair is short and I like it a lot. Since summer began, I have been pulling my hair back in a ponytail, and I was getting tired of looking the same..well, no more!! HA! The good thing about short hair is that it makes me look younger, at least that is what everyone has told me today! T on the other hand, got a shoulder length cut. Now, she is complaining that she wants her hair shorter!! So unlike her, but I told her I would take her back to get it shorter if she wants, so we will see! As for my hubby, he was very upset that I got my hair cut! He does not like my hair short, and the only time I get it short is when I get really mad at him, so this is one time when that is not the case. I told him that maybe it would grow on him, if not, oh well. I can make my own decisions. Our anniversary is Friday!! 16 years. You would think that would be long enough for him to know that I am an Independent woman!!! It did not take long for that argument to blow over!! Tomorrow is my tooth!! Have a great day!!

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