Friday, July 18, 2008

I survived the dentist!!!

I had my jaw tooth extracted yesterday, and I actually feel better today!! I opted out of the surgery and braved the procedure with just the numbing shots..after 8 shots, the dentist finally got it out!! The roots were huge..he said it was no wonder that I was in pain because the roots were sitting on a nerve in my jaw. Believe it or not, I can breathe better too! Who knew?? It is so wrong that you have to have three insurance consultations before you can actually get something done! I guess they are unconcerned with your pain or comfort level! It actually took 5 months to get an appointment to have the extraction! What a crock!! I definitely voiced my disgust with the health care system, but I know that I am only one in a million, so I doubt the complaints will be taken seriously. Typical! What happened to the good old days when you could get a consultation and a procedure all in one visit?? Times are changing. Everything is such a disaster here in the US. You pay thousands for insurance for your family and it seems that you are not afforded the services that are bought and paid for here. However, if you are uninsured, you sail thru the to boot!!
I had a first hand experience last month when I went in for my yearly mammogram. After paying my co pay and waiting over an hour, a illegal immigrant came into the room. An elderly lady and I watched in horror as she was taken back for her mammogram without insurance or even a copay. We sat for hours while she was put in front of us and treated like a first class citizen! In the meantime, we are tax paying Americans and we are denied service for it!! I have nothing against people who are poor in our country, but why should I be treated differently because I pay my taxes and pay for my insurance, and I am a citizen of this country. What is wrong with this picture?? No wonder our country is in financial ruins!! And don't even get me started on SS in the US!! I'll save that for another day!! Have a great weekend!!

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