Friday, February 1, 2008

Rainy Friday!!

This is my very first blog...woohoo!! What a day to do some blogging! It has been raining here all night and even though we need the rain, it is really getting to me! If only it was warmer outside..hey, this is GA, not Alaska! Anyways, the day started off bad, my little T had to be at school at 7:30 today and since there was a field trip yesterday, she was not really in the mood to rise at 6! Not to mention, we were up half the night listening to the dog howl and bark. I keep him in the house at night, but for some reason, he is afraid of the rain, thunder, etc. I have tried all the calming drugs to no avail, so it someone out there has a good product to calm him, please share!! I am looking forward to keeping a journal for my daughter on here..she is such a sweet child, although at age 11, she is starting to show signs of willful for example, she came downstairs dressed in her school uniform..typical yes, but as we were late already, I failed to notice her knee-hi brightly colored Hannah Montana socks! We were wheeling into the school yard when I noticed! Oh my, a uniform violation..I quickly piped up and began asking her if she thought that the socks were bright enough for her teacher to notice..her response, "Mom, my teacher loves my Hannah Montana socks..and I think she will enjoy seeing the bright colors since it is raining , besides, all my other friends wear colorful socks with their skirts!! I asked her nicely to remove the socks, thus leaving herself open for another violation!! Not wearing uniform socks will get you into trouble!!!What to do?? So, she exited the car in her bright socks and walked proudly into the building!!!Remind me again why I wanted a female child??? Maybe I should be proud that she expresses herself with color, but is it too much to ask that she do it at home or that the colors at least match!! I give up!!!!Besides, Hannah Montana gets on my nerves! How did that show get aired????? Maybe if T gets a violation today, I can block the show on the cable box for her punishment!! That would be SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, maybe I should just realize that my daughter is coming into her own style and be thankful that she hasn't found other ways to sabotage her uniform....


Ganesh said...

Dear Dana,

Congratulations on your New Blog, feels so Good to hear & read your Day-2-Day Happenings. Makes us feel more Closer.

There is this New Advertisement on Television here, for Reliance Mobile Blog.

The AD Song has been recreated with minor word changes, to the Original, "He's got the Whole World in his Hands".

It goes like this...

"You've Got the Whole World in your Hands, You've Got the Whole World in your Hands..."

"You've Got the Whole Wide Wide World, in your Hands..."

"I Share my World with everybody... Because in my World there are no Strangers..."

I keep humming that Number all Day, the recreated Music effect is so Good, to hear especially when the Ad comes to an end, it's just great, actually sends you to a different world of Imagination.

Similarly, the Blog Concept has brought our Hearts much much closer. Our congratulations to you & Bird. For bridging the Gap of the Seven Seas & bringing us Closer 2 each other.

I am the Lucky First Person to Write in the Blog of the Mother of MarketComm. I am truly enjoying every Moment of Writing in it.



Christine said...

Hi Dana,

Welcome to blogdom! I've been enjoying reading your posts so far. Keep it up, loving hearing about your days. :)