Thursday, October 9, 2008

News from T's day!

Today was a "first" dance at T's school. She didn't seem to be nervous, but excited, as she was going to hang out with all her friends. I asked if she was going to dance with a boy, and she said no, gross...oh, the joy I felt when I heard that!! HA!! I don't think I am ready for the "relationship" horrors yet, but I do have information from the best friend that she has two boyfriends..ha! Hopefully, it will stay that way for awhile!! With two, I can rest assured that she will be too busy to think of only one, and that her little heart will remain in tact for at least another year!! I tried to remember what I was like at that age, but it is hard to do at my age. She has had boyfriends since kindergarten, so I expect that I should just be thankful that she is a normal kid and that she is growing up healthy and happy!!
Other news, my step daughter got a ring from her boyfriend last week. She is in college and has a few years left, so she says they are not rushing it. Hopefully, she will make the right choices and he will be the one for her. I have not met him yet, but received an email and a picture of him and the ring. Those modern day ways of communication are a changing!! Oh well, at least she told us!! Have a great day!

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Ganesh Iyer said...

Hey SUPER MOM... nice to back on your BLOG. Believe me I didn;t have time for the past so many Days to visit the BLOG. And now I see I have to catch up with so much. Man time flies. Good to hear about Tay's new Adventures @ School. I'll be in & around on the Blog more often from now.