Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It was 29 degrees today!! T is sick. I took her in on Friday for shots and she has been stuffy ever since then! I think the flu nose spray might have caused the stuffiness, but she has not had any other reactions, so I think she will be okay!! This is the first day she has missed school! She had perfect attendance, so I am a little bummed about that!
I have been really busy these past weeks so posting has been scarce! My husband took a fall over Halloween, and broke his wrist on one arm and a finger on each hand, and one of his ribs. He is getting stronger as the days go on, but not able to do much to help out!! And oh, the whining is unbearable!!! I have had to have a few Martini's each night just to cope with having my days rearranged!!! It has been a long three weeks!! We had some relatives visiting (from the hubby's family) , did a lot of painting and prep for that with a handy man that required constant supervision, and a good friend of ours passed away on last Thursday and his funeral was on Sunday. His death was a shock to us all as he was only 51, but he had been ill for sometime. I know we will miss him dearly, especially with the holidays coming up. He was a part of our family after his wife died a few years ago, and we all had adopted him as an uncle. I think my sister and her family will miss him too. She has lost two "best friends" in a few years!! I can't imagine what that feels like! Anyway, I will try to do better on the posts as I have been lacking for awhile now!! Have a great day!!


Chris said...

Brrrrrrr!! It is in the 30's here--but we are getting lots of snow. So sorry to hear about your hubby and the loss of your friend. My hubby broke his left wrist and ankle a few years back--but then I tell him he is just an accident waiting to happen. I won't bore you with all the mishaps over the last 22 years. He is retired now, so at least he doesn't get hurt at work anymore--just at home. Glad to see you back. I was wondering where you went.

Chris said...

We are officially buried under a foot and a half of snow and temps in the low 20's in the day time with wind in the low teens and single digits. Hope it has gotten warmer where you live.chills

April said...

Hope hubby is on the mend! I know how men can be when they are the least bit under the weather! HAHA! Speaking of weather....got about 5 inches of snow here. Was in the teens yesterday. Yikes! Very sunny out today and the sunshing reflecting of the snow will blind ya! Take care!