Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today I ran errands and stained the, fun!! I have been so tired this week because I went to my mom's last weekend, and to my cousin's wedding. I have also been up late this week because my husband has been sick with vertigo.
Last night I watched the Republican convention and saw Sarah Palin's speech. I think she is amazing and I also think that McCain is lucky to have her on the ticket. I am watching his speech tonight and I think it is going well. He is an honorable man, and even though he was not my first pick for President, I think that he has a lot of experience and that he is the better candidate for the job. I can't wait until November!!! The suspense is killing me!!
Also, I went and checked T's grades on the Internet today. She has a "100" average in all her classes in the 7th grade!! Way to go Tay!!!!!!!!!!!!

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