Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday's thoughts!

How do you make a child do chores??? As I was pondering this question, I decided to try a different approach to get my daughter to do some chores around the house. While she does help out here, I was in a hurry to get everything done before I went to bed last night. As it usually goes, I get up early and work all day around the house, cook dinner, do laundry, etc., and I am usually the last person to bed. Not that I am complaining!! To her defense, she does clean her room and bathroom once a week, but the other chores are not usually done without a struggle of power. Yesterday, I went for a different approach. I asked for help and to my surprise, it worked. Not only did my daughter clean her room, she also took the birdcages out and cleaned them, actually bought her dirty laundry downstairs, and made the plates for dinner, and then she actually took the garbage out! And also to my surprise, after it was all finished, I did not get a bill for her services, but I did say thank you. I explained to her that when I was a kid her age, I was cleaning on a weekly basis without question and that was expected of me as a responsible member of a family. I also gave her an article to read off of MSN about chores and money, and also cooking. While I can teach her somethings, cooking is not my bag, so I will leave that to her dad. However, she can use the microwave quiet well, and she learned that from me!! It was nice for a change to have help, and it was even better that all was finished without a fight or a struggle about her summer schedule! Who knew that all I had to do was ask for help!! I might have gotten to bed earlier!!

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Chris said...

My middle daughter never argued with me when I asked her to do something--said she would do it--but never did. She is 38 now and when I asked her why she did that--she said you never waid when to do it. LOL Kids are great.